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The Law Firm of M Paul Fischer is a family law firm in Arizona that deals with family law cases and aims to get client-oriented results. We are committed to providing expert advice on all aspects of family law.

When disagreements over child support, visitation rights, or a difficult property dispute, our family law experts provide experienced and dependable guidance. We recognize the value of finding swift, economical, and out-of-court solutions to problems. We give strategic advice and representation based on our experience and knowledge. We also offer specialized assistance and attention, along with practical answers.

We are aware of the interpersonal issues that frequently go along with problems in families and relationships. We’ll help you settle your dispute without going to court. However, if legal action is required, you will be expertly advised on the best result.

We will assist you in getting the most out of your case by minimizing emotional issues as much as possible.

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Our services are customer-centered, we care about giving you the best result with minimal or no side effects. We are responsive, reputable, and trustworthy. At the Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer, we aim for your satisfaction above all else.
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To prevent getting less than you deserve in court or having problems settling with your spouse. It is best to speak with attorneys experienced in family law. If you have a family law case, our law firm is ready to assist you in getting the best out of it.


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We offer highly professional, result-oriented services to our clients. We are always ready to listen to our clients, empathize with them, and focus on their wants. We give the right counsel and offer specialized service and care.

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