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Both parents have a moral and legal duty to assist their minor children financially and emotionally until they are of legal age. It does not matter whether the parents have ever been married or not.

You can think about managing the case yourself rather than engaging a child support attorney if you find yourself in court. After all, don’t child support laws safeguard your rights? The answer is that a family lawyer will be knowledgeable about child support rules, court procedures, and current laws. If you choose to work with a family law attorney, you will have access to legal guidance from someone with your best interests in mind. The court follows a set of rules when determining child support obligations.

Do you wish to follow the rules and procedures of the court blindly, or do you want a legal professional to keep an eye on you? We are here to help you through all the processes and ensure you get the best results and choices with smooth court operations.

We organize payments for child support, define the conditions of child support orders, and enforce custody and visitation schedules. They engage in negotiations on behalf of their clients and help in court. Not only can we manage all of your child custody difficulties, but we’ll also make sure to preserve your rights. You never fall victim to injustice and receive the monetary and emotional support to which you are entitled. Call us, and we will be glad to help.

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