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Do You Need a Paternity/ Parental Rights Lawyer? Choose us today.

Our team of experienced paternity lawyers will help you claim your parental rights. You can establish paternity with the aid of a paternity lawyer and visitation privileges. You could occasionally challenge paternity in court. Affidavits, papers, and legal counsel are just a few items you will need in this situation.

Therefore, hiring a paternity lawyer is your wisest course of action. If the paternity case was affected by a divorce, annulment, or separation, you can also locate an attorney who would act as a separation attorney. However, it is essential that you work with a knowledgeable lawyer to support your legal challenge to paternity.

Custody, visitation, and child support are just a few of the difficulties that paternity attorneys are typically able to address since they can affect the mother, the father, and their child. Furthermore, it’s critical to provide proof in court to support paternity claims or refute them. You must retain the services of an accomplished paternity lawyer to assist you in court.

Determining timesharing is a crucial problem that a paternity lawyer may assist with. Whether or not you choose to take primary responsibility, your lawyer will work hard to ensure fairness in the process. If you don’t have primary custody, timesharing for weekends, holidays, the school year’s summer break, and other occasions will be decided. Since these contracts are frequently long-term, having a capable family law attorney on your side during this crucial period is essential.

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