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Domestic Violence

What can a Domestic violence lawyer do for you?

We have experts with years of experience dealing with domestic violence issues. We assist domestic violence victims with child custody issues. We can request child custody, visitation, or child support temporary orders. We also offer legal assistance in connected matters like a divorce or custody battle. We can compile documentation and provide testimony to prove the facts supporting these rulings in favor of the victim.

We also help those who are wrongly accused of domestic abuse. We understand how overwhelming it is to face domestic violence accusations because if anything goes wrong, it could cause a longer sentence, more money, or a more serious felony on your record.

Unfortunately, domestic violence accusations often happen when an order of protection is requested for illegal motives, such as seizing control of the marital residence or gaining an advantage in a child custody battle. We can compile proof to support the defense. We can also determine if the victim’s proof is admissible.

We provide legal counsel. Witnesses who might be lying can be subjected to cross-examination. Additionally, we assist in avoiding the filing of criminal charges. We may attempt to have the defendant’s charges dropped, including the civil order of protection, as well as any criminal proceedings.

When there is sufficient evidence against the accused, we may assist the accused in negotiating a fair plea deal. In the event of criminal charges, a plea deal may help the defendant avoid jail time or lower the charge so that it doesn’t contain domestic violence.

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